Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative (GeMRC)


The Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative (GeMRC) is a trainee-led research network.  It is aimed at Geriatric medicine trainees and people with an interest in Geriatric Medicine across the UK .


It was set up by a group of geriatric registrars in the West Midlands in 2017.  It follows the model of the excellent Surgical West Midlands Research Collaborative which has been running since 2007. 


Our aim is to deliver high-quality, multi-centre clinical research that will change clinical practice. 


We all know that carrying out service evaluations, audits and small research projects locally can have some impact.  However, imagine being able to roll out your research question nationwide.  This site is designed to be a platform for trainees to connect and share great ideas.

Individual regional websites can be accessed through the regional branches tab. Contact details for your region should be listed on individual websites, but if you're unsure who to contact e-mail

about us

The Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative, or GeM Research UK for short (or GeMRC when we're feeling really lazy) was founded in August 2017 by Dr Carly Welch and Dr Lauren McCluskey, who were both academic clinical fellows in geriatric medicine in Birmingham at the time. The idea developed through awareness of the success of other collaboratives, namely the "West Midlands Research Collaborative" (a general surgical research collaborative that started a long time ago when there were no other research collaboratives in the West Midlands!)

Aware that this was a relatively new concept within geriatric medicine, and as Carly and Lauren already had a few contacts in other regions, the decision was made to implement GeMRC at national level from the start. This was actually quite an innovative approach, as other collaboratives had focused on developing their network regionally first, before expanding nationally. Since we were first established, we have rapidly grown, and have conducted truly national projects, involving the entire UK. 

Do you want to be part of a national project with publication potential?

Do you have a great project idea that you want trainees across the country to get involved in?

If yes, then look at our current projects and download their information sheets or contact us to get your project up loaded

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