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National audit of Fast Track Pathway discharge from hospital to community setting

A Fast Track Pathway discharge is a method of providing Continuing Health Care for the rapidly deteriorating patient within a short period of time and can be used within a community or secondary care setting.  Within secondary care this mode of discharge is frequently employed to discharge deteriorating and dying patients to their preferred place of care, such as a nursing home or their own home with ongoing NHS care input. 


The aim of the pathway is to ‘identify individuals who need access to NHS Continuing Healthcare quickly with minimal delay’.  The Fast Track Pathway Tool is completed by an appropriate clinician caring for the patient who determines the individual as eligible.  Once the completed Fast Track Pathway Tool has been received by the Commissioning Care Group (CCG) it cannot be deemed ineligible and they must accept and immediately action the Tool. 


It is expected that the time period between receipt of a completed Fast Track Pathway Tool and implementation of resources should not exceed 48 hours.

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